Friday, 19 August 2011

Um... Harry Potter fanart. Apparently.

My feelings about Harry Potter have traditionally ranged from the actively vitriolic to the mildly dismissive (although, to be fair, this is more inspired my the disproportional love the franchise receives rather than the books themselves which I have read and mostly enjoyed).

Actually, my attitude mellowed considerably recently since seeing the final film. It was pretty poor stuff, and it made me realised Rowling's not inconsiderable skills as a storyteller - that with the same materials she could produce something ten times as exciting, moving and satisfying as the filmmakers mustered. Although the 'nineteen-years-later' coda has a the quality of bad fanfiction no matter who is doing it.


As posted previously I started this picture with different characters in mind but couldn't get the idea of the Marauders (plus Lily) out of my head once I'd thought of it.

If not clear, it's Lily, Peter, Sirius, Remus and James l-r.

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