Friday, 12 August 2011

It's a Sherlock jamboree

More Sherlock Holmes pictures. Specifically BBC!Sherlock. Although the above picture seems to have turned out to resemble the movie version of the characters more. Partly because I put them in Victorian clothes, those being more fun to draw than modern day childrens' clothes.

A roughly 14-year-old Mycroft and roughly 7-year-old Sherlock. Yes, like many I'm a sucker for the idea of a fundamentally close realtionship between the brothers. In particular I was wondering why, for all the 'young Sherlock' franchises no one seems to have thought of partnering him with his big brother. Possibly because canonically there's meant to be much more of an age gap and you'd want them fairly well matched... but I do like the idea of a little sidekick Sherlock, hugely admiring of his brother but also desperately competitive. The more energetic but impulsive one to Mycroft's more reseved and careful intelligence...

Anyway, this has very little to do with this picture as I think even Sherlock Holmes would need to be a little more than 7 before he started crime fighting. And more importantly, this:

Possibly I've spent too long working with children's books, but when I thought about how popular pictures of young Mycroft and Sherlock were, and how their parents are always absent giving the impression that Mycroft is raising his brother singlehandedly, I thought of Lauren Child's Charlie And Lola books.

Then I thought of 'I have this little brother Sherlock...', giggled for half and hour, and doodled this. Then I went to have a quiet lie down and log hard think about my life. Didn't work. I still think it's funny.

Finally from my page of Sherlock obsession is one of Sherlock Holmes and Mrs. Hudson. For some reason. She was meant to be toasting the view with her mug of cha, but it looks more like she's offering it to whoever she and Sherlock are talking to (Lestrade?), which I rather like. To me it looks like a scene taking place after some dramatic denouement at 221b Baker Street: Mrs. Hudson's providing the police with tea and biscuits and Sherlock Holmes looks very pleased with himself. He also looks like Kevin Bacon and has a weird neck. Which is a shame. And controversially, his biscuit of choice is the pink wafer. Why did I draw this? I think it may be time for another quiet lie down.

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