Friday, 30 March 2012

Katniss scores an eleven.

I realise that my previous post touching on The Hunger Games may have given the impression that I don't much like the book (I haven't yet read its sequels). In fact, I like the book a good deal for all the fault I find with it. And I much prefer this sort of book - one that I have many niggles with but cannot stop thinking about - to one that's serviceable but unambitious or forgettable.

To that end: fanart. One of the many areas I thought could have stood more examination is the period spent in the Capitol before the Games. In the book I felt the section dragged a bit and could have had more tension and drive about it.

Also Dancing On Ice was on. Not that I was watching it. No sir.

It's a rare bit of computer art for me (I scanned the basic sketch to work from) so although I didn't pursue the lighting quite as far as I might, I'm quite pleased I finished it at all. Yay me.

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