Friday, 24 June 2011

A Little Princess again

Unsure of how to proceed with the previous A Little Princess illustration, I did a different one... actually a lot of the painting was done ages ago, like 2009 or something, and then abandoned. But I happened across it in a folder and thought I could tie it in with the more recently started ALP illustration by including some found patterned paper (Sara Crewe's dress and the sleeve of Becky's).

I'm pretty pleased with the result. Here's an approximation of how it might work as a wrap-around book cover:

Course it's not remotely what I'm meant to be getting on with, but I'll, er, put it down to practice...

EDIT: someone pointed out I'd forgotten this: the picture is based on a screenshot from the 1995 film version of A Little Princess. The characters are changed to a different interpretation, but their positions and the context is closely based on the screenshot.


  1. I like it but you don't give any credit that it's based on a screenshot from the movie
    everything is actually identical except it's flipped horizontal and the clothes and becky's ethnicity is different

    1. You're quite right - I completely forgot to mention it here, though I did on DeviantArt... d'oh. I've edited the post to point this out.

      Oh, and glad you like it :)